Thank You's!


"Thanks Patricia - I so enjoyed every moment of the course and look forward to using remedies as part of all life's little and bigger' problems"


"I just wanted to say thanks for the Bach Remedies last week. I feel much more like the old me and so much more able to cope. Thanks for all your care I really appreciate it."


"You're a natural at teaching: just the right mix of guidance, persuasion, firmness, and a gentle hand to help. You didn't tell us; you showed us."


“Thank you for all your wisdom and support – you’re an angel.”


“You are a truly shining example.”


“Thanks for everything. It would have taken me forever if it wasn’t for you.”


"I feel really good, EFT is fantastic for me. I'd like more please!"


Bach Centre May 2017


“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. Time has flown by, and Patricia approach has suited me well. I’ve learnt loads”

Jill Bell

"I have done my fair share of CPD and holistic therapy courses, but this one is easily n my top 3. Patricia is an amazing and engaging tutor. The course is very well paced."

RB Dickenson

"Excellent teacher, very engaging, ensures everyone understands."

Zoe Horner

"The teaching has been brilliant and effective. Thanks a lot Patricia."

Karen Brufanto

"I would have liked a print out of Patricia’s own words when describing the flowers and trees. Only because she really helped me to understand."

Susie Brothers

Bach Flower Course at Mount Vernon

"I just wanted to say how very excellent the level One course was with Patricia. I have been teaching adults for 30yrs, and i love how good she was with us. the class was a really mixed constellation of people, and she handled it superbly. I felt I didn’t know what to expect and glad to come away really encouraged, educated and empowered. Thank you to the centre and Patricia."

Liz Roe

Reflexology & Bach

"I felt much better, less anxiety within a week after taking the Bach Flowers Patricia recommended. The reflexology was so relaxing and with eyes closed experienced vivid swirling clouds of colour. Have booked 5 more sessions."


"The Bach Remedy is working wonders. On the flight now and feeling very calm."


"How lucky am I! Blessed to have your help with my life journey. Generally feel less tense, less tight strung. Big gratefulness…so yes, lucky to have your help"

Peggy G