Bach Teachers Programme Level 1 (BFTP-1)


Registration is now OPEN.

March 2025


The Bach Foundation Teachers Programme Level 1 (BFTP-1) comprises a course, on-going activities and an observation, designed to help Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners teach groups of people about the remedies.

The course is normally offered in person at the Bach Centre over 3 days, plus ongoing study with a mentor. This year, due to global restrictions myself and teaching colleagues Dekki Soh and Lynn Macwhinnie, in partnership with the Bach Centre UK will facilitate the course as an ON-LINE and distance learning programme starting 3rd March 2025
This version works in a similar way to the in-person course. There are 3 stages.

BFTP-1 aims to draw on and develop any existing experience you have of teaching, and help you apply your skills to teaching Dr Bach’s system.


5 x 3.5hr on-line sessions – 3rd, 6th, 10th, 13th & 20rd March 2025

Online – £880
Or for BACS – uk bank account payments contact me




5 online sessions

• identify your professional role as a teacher
• develop your group and course management skills
• adapt existing introductory course material for delivery to different student groups and under different timetables
• identify and enhance your teaching style through practical exercises and interactive group work
• develop course evaluation and assessment procedures
• discuss teaching methods and resources with your peer-group

Once you complete the workshop or 5 online sessions, and in addition to the skills gained during the course, you will have access to material that will help you when you come to run your own courses on the remedies:

• The loan of a teaching pack containing an introductory level course.
• An online resource library of teaching materials (to which all participants are invited to contribute).


Mentoring and experience

You can stop at stage 1 and continue to teach your own independent introductory courses. Or – if you are eligible (see below) – you can move on to the optional BFTP1 stage 2, which can lead to your being licensed to teach Bach Centre-approved Level 1 courses.

During stage 2 you will be asked to teach face to face introductory courses on the remedies for a minimum of 45 hours.

To count towards the 45 hours the groups you teach must include at least five students and you must send in lesson plans well before each course. We will ask you and your students to evaluate the preparation, presentation and content of your courses.

You will receive the following additional support:
• Feedback from an experienced teacher-training mentor, who will help you plan your lessons and discuss any issues and challenges you meet as you start to teach the remedies.
• Supplementary materials, such as evaluation and assessment forms.

No additional charge will be made for this support or for the optional stage of the course.


Observation and Licensing

Our ultimate aim is to license BFRPs to teach approved Level 1 courses in their local area. Students of licensed teachers can be assured that they are being taught reliable material and are being adequately prepared for Level 2 and 3 training.

In order to gain Level 1 approval for your courses you need to go forward to the third and final BFTP1 stage, which involves an observation of your teaching.
We will ask you to have a video made of a session of your teaching, which will then be sent to us for evaluation. Following a favourable report at the observation stage the Bach Centre will license you to teach Level 1 courses, and will issue Level 1 certificates to you that you can pass to your students.

As a teacher of approved Level 1 courses you will also be able to set up validation days so that students taught by other practitioners (or students taught by you in the past) can gain Level 1 certificates.
*You have up to 2 years to complete stages 2 & 3
*You will need good internet access, a device capable of downloading and editing documents, and a good command of English to complete this course.
*An English-speaking mentor will be assigned to you to help you through stage two and three. If you have the intention to teach the courses in different languages other than English, all lesson plans, course materials, slides and feedback will have to be prepared in English for your mentor approval prior to conducting the classes.

Who Can Attend?

Any current Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP) can attend stage 1 of the course and receive the associated BC-ACE certificate.

Stages 2 and 3 are open to BFRPs who live and work (and intend to teach) in a country where there are no or few alternative teacher-training opportunities available.

If there is an existing approved education programme in your country it may make sense for you to train to teach that way, and we will ask you to investigate that possibility first.

If you haven’t already done so, check out local arrangements