Bach Flower Remedy Level Three Course (DLP-L3)


This course is for people who wish to take their interest in the Bach flowers further after completing Levels 1 and 2 and to become registered with the Bach Centre as a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. When offered in person, the course is held over four days with a written assessment on day four and then further written assessments and case studies afterwards to achieve the full qualification and registration.

Please read below for more details.



Due to the world-wide challenges during the Covid pandemic, as a team with the Bach Centre we have developed an online Level 3 course (DLP-L3) which is run with sessions via Zoom. The whole course involves –
• Seven weekly live online seminars with reading weeks incorporated, led by myself
• Two 1:1 online sessions to giving you support and help with your work
• An online course manual which helps prepare you for the online sessions and guides you through background reading and learning
• A Dossier that you save to your computer via a link in the course manual, and where you answer questions and reflect on your learning
Videos to watch and respond to – there are links in the course manual
Written material to download and read
Real-world activities to do at home, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends or family
• An assessment process including a viva voce assessment live on Zoom and a real-life consultation, which will be observed by an experienced practitioner

WHEN First Group session – Introduction to the programme Tuesday 3rd October 2023,
Last group session – Tuesday 21st November 2023.  Full schedule on application

TIME  All online sessions – 10:00 UTC

COST  £745.00 via PayPal or UK BACS transfer. Please contact me for BACS payment.

The course fee covers the whole of your training with full tutor support. Once you have completed all the work to the standard required, you will receive a Certificate of Qualification and if you agree to work according to the Bach Centre Code of Practice, you will be eligible to register as a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and to use the letters BFRP after your name.
However you follow this course, in person or online, it gives you the opportunity to revise your knowledge of the remedies, consider consultation skills, the art of listening, professional boundaries, philosophy, legal and practical details of setting up a practice, the Bach Centre Code of Practice, and to work through case studies and exercises to encourage personal development in a professional context.