One to One Consultations


Patricia offers consultations in Kingston upon Thames one to one.
Treatments are often combined, please contact Patricia for more information and appointments.

Bach Flower Remedies

Made from plants and flowers, helping to manage life's emotional ups and downs. Confidential consultations (in person or via Skype) or Courses.

EFT (aka Tapping)

Painless and non-invasive way to find emotional balance.

Integrated Energy Techniques (IET) such as Bach Flowers, NLP, Hypnotherapy, ACIM, Picture tapping, the Yes Code to name a few are used in conjunction with guided, supported tapping, offering a gentler, deeper experience. 

Raw Juice Therapy

Consultations and Programmes

Confused about Juicing vs. Blending, how to get the best out of your machine or the best programme for your personal needs?

Book a one to one demonstration in your own kitchen, maybe with a friend. You will gain confidence and learn some handy juicy tips! Ask for more details.


Reiki meaning Universal Life force, works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level to restore energy and balance.  Reiki flows into the body, reaching the areas that need support, soothing pain and helping the body's natural healing process.  Think of it as charging the body's natural energy system. 

This gentle, non-intrusive treatment benefits people of all ages. 

Vital Wellbeing Fees


£95 per Hour

Bach Flower Consultation

£50 per Hour
  • Includes One Personal Mix Bottle & Postage

Raw Juice Therapy

£60 per Hour
  • Consultations & Programmes

Reiki & Chakra Balancing

£60 per Hour

Self Selected Bach Remedy Mix

  • £20 per Bottle
  • £25 per Bottle if Posted

YAY! Personal Spritzer

  • £18 - 100ml
  • £24 - 200ml
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