EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT also Known as "Tapping"

This is a very easy process and involves the client being guided to tap a few points on the face and body while focusing on thoughts and feelings which relate to the issue they wish to work on.

The focus is guided in certain ways, to effectively dismantle old and stressful thought patterns and negative beliefs, sometimes involving questioning techniques that create a shift into more clarity, and sometimes using paradox and humour which can be a very painless and effective way of releasing old pain and stuck patterns of thought and feeling.

The effect is to free yourself from the limitations, enabling you to better access your own natural inner resources, freedom, lightness and greater empowerment.

eft head
EFT Tapping points on the hand

The process can bring a very quick effective and permanent change to all kinds of conditions, whether habitual limiting behaviours and thought patterns, simple headaches or physical pains, or deep traumas, phobias, or emotional tension from difficult memories.

It can be applied for just about any condition and can also be very effective in assisting people to improve performance in sport, music or any field. It can be very effective for nervousness about public speaking or fearfulness in anticipation of difficult tasks such as exam nerves.

It can help you to really shift the inner blocks to progress in your life.

In the session you are also shown how to use the tapping for your own use, enabling you to help yourself any time you encounter stress or challenges in your life.


Patricia Talking about EFT

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The EFT Tapping Points

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