Early Morning Musings

It’s 4am, and although my mind is whirling, I’m not going to take White Chestnut or Vervain (check them out on my Bach Page) my chosen Bach Remedies for sleepless nights. I’m going to get old fashioned pen to paper and write a blog. Haven’t done for about 2 years.

So, as I’m updating my website with the expert skills of Diane @
With her encouragement, and reaffirming the importance of blogs, here I go…
My last one was entitled GRATITUDE, which, for those of you who didn’t see it, will reappear again soon.

As this crazy year comes to an end GRATITUDE has to be at the top of my list, especially connection with family, friends, neighbours and of course my fellow wellbeing colleagues.

Last year definitely wasn’t plain sailing for any of us, I know, we’ve all had to take a long hard look at our lives, and for many of us re-inventing the way we work, and remembering the principles of letting go of how we think our lives should be….every moment of every day, if we want to get through this with a modicum of sanity!


I relished the thought of less travelling, and a bit of self indulgence, as in re-booting my own health and wellbeing, which of course included Raw Juicing & Blending. Zoom mediations (ratugagus.co.) Yoga, (www.mumuyoga.com & www.sweatsocirty.com) Running by the river, tuning in to Sue & Jeff Allen’s wise words of on FB live every evening during the initial lockdown, (http://visionworksforlife.com) who have now committed to continuing every Monday until our freedom returns fully, check it out…Plus, raw juicing/blending, and of course, NetFlix.
I also, experimented with plant based recipes, however, a few did go straight into the bin!

However, it was going too well…my contented bubble bust on May 25th with the George Floyd incident in the US and the ramifications here in the UK bomb that had been ticking away for far too long. I’ve commented enough, for now, on the deep pain, day to day challenges, and historic injustices of my people. There are far more eloquent public figures out there doing a great job to raise all of our understanding, which in turn, I hope will sooth and heal us all.
David Olusoga, Akala, Dr Joy Degury, Steve McQueen, Reni Eddo-Lodge, Maine Williamson, Afua Hirst to name but a few of my hero’s on the subject.
Maybe I’ll write about my own continuing thoughts some time in the future.

One thing I’m sure of is my passion for sharing my talents for embracing the and truest life for myself and the people who seek my help. This space has given me the time to upgrade and renew my knowledge in the supportive disciplines I’ve practices for over 20years.
Triggered by the history of Gynaecology I’m just about to completed a programme as a Yoni Steam Facilitator…watch this space!

Promise to write again soon.
Stay Safe
Many blessings
Patricia 🌸

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