“Thanks Patricia –  I so enjoyed every moment of the course and look forward to using remedies as part of all life’s little and bigger’ problems” (Val)

“I just wanted to say thanks for the Bach Remedies last week. I feel much more like the old me and so much more able to cope. Thanks for all your care I really appreciate it.” (Jason)

“You’re a natural at teaching: just the right mix of guidance, persuasion, firmness, and a gentle hand to help. You didn’t tell us; you showed us.” (LeeAnn)

“Thank you for all your wisdom and support – you’re an angel.” (Sarah)

“You are a truly shining example.” (Miranda)

“Thanks for everything. It would have taken me forever if it wasn’t for you.” (Katherine)

“I feel really good, EFT is fantastic for me. I’d like more please!” (Elle)

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